Clever customer notifications for card issuers

We enable banks and other card issuers to generate value from card transactions through relevant and timely customer notifications to drive engagement, loyalty and customer value

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Are you compliant with EU Cross-Border Payments Regulation 2019/518? Currency Rates from Payerbee is a turnkey solution. Learn more.

Relevant and timely customer communication can drive exceptional value

Drive engagement

Communicate effectively with your customers with the right message delivered at the right time to encourage the desired behavior.

Increase loyalty

Engage with your customers and offer value through digital offerings to improve customer experience and stickiness.

Ensure compliance

Understand the impact of regulatory requirements and how to address them without overloading your IT department.

Notification Engine

A simple and powerful foundation that grows with your needs

The Payerbee Notification Engine enables effective digital customer communication without the hassle. It is flexible enough to work with whatever your data availability is, be it batch delivery or real-time flows, setting the bar low for your integration efforts. Yet, it is powerful enough to enable you to pinpoint the right customers and set rules to drive relevant messaging at the right time, into your own app.

The Notification Engine is based on three key steps

Easy data setup

Data is fed in or connected to the platform. The platform can handle simple batch data delivery or continuous data streams and APIs. Most applications do not require sensitive data, such as personal data or PANs.

Powerful algorithms

Depending on what data has been integrated, the platform enables different use cases. Based on your preferred communication approach, we set up the rule-based algorithms to ensure your audience is reached by the right message at the right time.

Flexible communication

Messaging occurs through your preference of digital channels. The platform supports notifications into apps but also SMS and e-mail.



Easily define and execute successful campaigns

Many issuers struggle to execute effective campaigns towards their cardholders. The challenges can vary, but often include messaging through effective channels, messaging at a timing that matters, and distributing attractive incentives efficiently.

  • Custom push notifications with calls to action
  • Incentive mechanisms with follow-up
  • Delivered into your app with limited implementation
  • Digital distribution of incentives (Optional)
  • No sensitive data exchange and limited integration effort


Guide your customers to mobile payment habits

Mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and bank proprietary solutions present issuers with unprecedented opportunities for customer satisfaction and engagement. However, they also require a shift in your customers' habit of making day-to-day payments.

  • Custom push notifications with calls to action
  • Delivered into third-party or your wallet app
  • Digital distribution of incentives (Optional) 
  • No sensitive data exchange and limited integration effort

Currency rates

Present latest exchange rates to address Cross-Border Payments Regulation

EU regulation 2019/518 currently requires all issuers to express total currency conversion charges as a percentage markup over the latest available reference rates from European Central Bank. The information should be comprehensible and easily accessible on an electronic platform.

  • Turnkey solution with multi-scheme support
  • Simple and sleek interface on desktop or mobile
  • Your choice of font, color and card art
  • Less than one week implementation

Currency rates notifications

Push currency rate notifications to address Cross-Border Payments Regulation

In April 2021, EU regulation 2019/518 will additionally require all issuers to send immediate electronic notifications for all cross-border transactions on the currency conversion markup over the latest European Central Bank reference rate. In addition, a monthly summary of the above shall be presented to the cardholder.

  • Real-time push notifications with amounts and markup
  • Delivered into third-party wallet or your app
  • Batch delivery of monthly summaries (Optional)


Our experience from the payments industry enables us to take your viewpoint

More than 30 years of working in the center of the payments and advisory industries has taught us about what challenges financial institutions meet. The payments industry is rapidly changing, with intensifying competition and rising customer expectations. At the same time, regulation is hitting the industry at an unprecedented pace, with no signs of slowing down. This is putting undue pressure on digital development.

We believe in simple and effective digital solutions that can easily be implemented and managed. We want to partner with financial institutions to make them competitive in the marketplace.

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